Görgen & Köller GmbH offers management consultancy that is based on more than two decades of practical experience. We combine this experience with analytical-scientific methodologies which provide the basis for all our projects. In addition to general management consultancy in the area of General Management two main focus points for our work have emerged: Innovation and Transfer Management and Real Estate Management. We endeavour to combine expertise with empathy and never lose sight of the overall picture. As a result of our endeavours we have built up constructive and long-term cooperative relationships with our clients.

General Management

As management consultants we work with analytical, scientific methods which provide a sound basis for our decisions. But successful management support is much more than that. The key to success lies in the active inclusion of all those involved in the elaboration of potential solutions.… Read more

Innovation and Transfer Management

Innovations are the source of economic wealth. Their creation requires creativity, courage, perseverance and stamina. Behind all innovations there are people – and as such innovations are difficult to control. However, the framework conditions for the origination of innovations can be shaped. Methods and structures… Read more

Real Estate Management

Real estate is a key valuable and cost-relevant resource of every organisation and in some cases even their actual core business, such as in the case of housing associations. In the management of one’s own portfolio there are many points at which processes and struc-tures… Read more