General Management

general-management-gr As management consultants we work with analytical, scientific methods which provide a sound basis for our decisions. But successful management support is much more than that. The key to success lies in the active inclusion of all those involved in the elaboration of potential solutions. Only in this way can acceptance of the change processes be ensured. The result of this working style is that we enjoy long-term relationships with our customers.

Our core fields of activity can be broken down as follows:

  • Strategic development
  • This focus of our consultancy service is defined by systematic environmental analyses, strengths/weaknesses profiles, a conceptually sophisticated approach whereby we “define-the-business” as well as long-term development scenarios and plans.

  • Organisation/Processes/Systems
  • Structure follows strategy: In accordance with this principle, we analyse and adapt existing and new organisations, derive action recommendations, and accompany and moderate the implementation.

  • Marketing and exploitation
  • A central consultancy approach in our company is to improve the market position of companies and organisations. The design of market models as well as business model development, the development of marketing strategies as well as concrete action recommendations for implementation are essential components of this field of consultancy.

  • Market research/market studies
  • Using secondary analyses and targeted discussions, we create the basis for sound decisions on market-relevant questions.