HuM-Lab on the Road

Mobile Impact-Coaching for SHAPE-Projects

HuM-Lab on the Road

Research contributes to changes in the economy and society, there is no doubt about that. However, the contribution of disciplines in the humanities, social sciences and arts (SHAPE) to these changes is often overlooked and not systematically developed. This kind of knowledge transfer requires the active participation of academics – and individual mentoring by people experienced in knowledge transfer. The Humanities Matter Lab (HuM-Lab) on the Road provides exactly this individual support – and it is low-threshold and on-site!

We come with our mobile HuM-Lab to your research institution and offer an individual support of about two hours to interested scientists in order to generate impact from their research results. In doing so, we apply our field-tested facilitation formats directly to the projects. With the help of selected methods, the research competence for a specific transfer idea is identified and further developed, a systematic overview of possible target groups and their environment is developed, and their interests are analyzed.

The scientists thus learn how to use suitable methods of impact generation directly on their own case, while at the same time the case itself is further developed in an impact-oriented way: this is applied on spot learning.

Who is addressed?

Researchers in the humanities, social sciences and the arts, especially doctoral students and post-docs, but also interested professors. Staff from the transfer offices of the research institutions are also cordially invited. However, in order to maintain the individual character of this continuing education initiative, we would like to limit the number of participants to two persons per session.

How does it work?

Simply contact us, arrange a date and place. We will come to you and then work together with the academic in the session using our field-tested methods.

What do I need to bring with me?

For the successful implementation of the session, we need a description of the research competence or the research result that is to be the subject of the session. The will to generate impact is more essential than a concrete impact idea.

What do I take away?

Applicable knowledge about the methods used, and a well formulated, impact-oriented transfer case.

Who supervises the scientists at HuM-Lab on the Road?

Dr Christoph Köller founded Görgen & Köller GmbH (G&K), a science consultancy company based in Germany. He supports research institutions which intend to turn their research into innovation in order to solve societal problems and create impact. He has developed and applied innovation, evaluation, and management methodologies as well as innovation processes which find widespread use by his clients. Together with the Museum of Natural Science Berlin, he is developing the Impact Management-concept, and with Karlsruhe Institute of Technology he works on the Transformative Lab-approach. He developed the concept of the Humanities Matter Lab where societal needs and science are brought together.

And the price?

We offer this form of continuing education with preparation, implementation and follow-up at a price of € 1,200 plus VAT.