Innovation ability and innovation assessment

enabling-gr The utilization of the innovation potential of an organisation such as e.g. a research institute depends on the type of research results, but the culture and organisation of the institution are also important success factors. The focus of a research institute lies mostly on acquiring new knowledge – on research. “Application” or exploitation in the context of the non-scientific “impact” only plays an important role on rare occasions. This is where the projects of G&K are positioned with the following services:

  • User-oriented description of research results: users, applications and benefits are included.
  • Identification of exploitable research results: use of a methodology for innovation assessment on the basis of the results of empirical innovation research.
  • Elaboration of institute-specific research portfolios: prioritisation of research results on the basis of applicability/the potential to exploit them.
  • Management of innovation ability: surveying of the innovation-related strengths and weaknesses of research institutes.
  • Impact spider“: support of project consortia in the alignment of their proposals to the impact criteria under “Horizon 2020”.

These services can be utilised by research organisations in the form of workshops, ongo-ing assistance, but also as “classic consultancy projects” with defined contents, start and end points. They always have one thing in common however: the researchers focus on their core activity, i.e. research, while G&K supports the applications.