Knowledge transfer from the humanities and social science, art and culture

wissen-gr It is increasingly expected of research in the fields of the humanities and social sciences, in art and culture (HSAC) that they prove their “relevance”. It is not enough to make an impact in the scientific field, one has to make an impact in society and the economy if one is to participate in the innovation system. In the engineering and natural sciences, methodologies and structures have been developed and prepared to this end in the past, thus cre-ating a culture of innovation and transfer. In the area of HSAC there are no comparable structures (yet). Therefore, innovation and transfer activities hit barriers such as e.g. lack of know-how in relation to identifying exploitable or usable research results, lack of transfer organisations or simply a lack of awareness of application. G&K offers solutions for this:

  • Adaptation of methods for innovation assessment and innovation ability
  • Structure of a transfer organization for HSAC institutes
  • Development of business models for HSAC institutes
  • Strategic development of HSAC institutes
  • Assumption of responsibility for application tasks

These services too are offered as workshops, ongoing support or as traditional consultancy projects with defined contents, start and end points.