Impact ist der Schlüssel

Publication “Impact is the key”: Our lessons learned on SHAPE-transfer

Transfer is one of the core tasks of science; this includes not only the so-called STEM disciplines, but also the humanities, social sciences and the arts (SHAPE). Patents generally do not play a role here, licenses are less important, but there is still transfer potential. Specifics of the SHAPE disciplines must be considered and addressed in order to systematically realize this potential. Based on 10 years of experience in Germany and abroad, our Christoph Köller and Josef Pinter have now published, together with Mark Mann, an article on this topic. In it, they summarize selected, action-guiding findings for SHAPE transfer officers. It shows: Impact is the key to developing and unlocking transfer potential.

The journal article “Impact ist der Schlüssel” (“Impact is the key”) is published in the pilot issue of the new journal “Transfer & Innovation”, for which Christoph Köller is co-editor (see seperate news article). The pilot issue of the journal including the article  is available (in German only) here for free.

Journal Article:

Köller, C., Mann, M. & Pinter, J. (2022). Impact ist der Schlüssel. Transfer & Innovation, 1/2022, 55-66.

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