Social Innovation through transfer – AUTM Annual Meeting 2019

“Transforming Ideas into Opportunities“- the US-based international non-profit-organisation for technology transfer AUTM is dedicated to make the results of research economically and socially usable. AUTM is affiliated with over 3000 universities, research institutions, clinics, companies and government organisations worldwide. At the AUTM Annual Meeting 2019 (10-13 February) in Austin, Texas Dr Christoph Koeller held a lecture in section 5 F: “Social Innovation in Technology Transfer: Exploring New and Old Models”.

Based on the problem that state funding for research is increasingly restricted, institutions and companies have to look for other financing options. In all university faculties it is required to promote innovation and incorporate start-ups. For this purpose, it is necessary to use existing resources in a more targeted manner in order to generate sales and increase value added.

On the one hand, the event dealt with strategies for the protection of intellectual property beyond patents. On the other hand, commercialisation models that support a broader mobilisation of knowledge were presented. Based on US-American and international models, the topics social entrepreneurship and licensing were discussed.



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