Europe-wide protection of the trademark Humanities Matter Lab®

G&K supports with the Humanities Matter Lab® universities and non-university research institutions to improve transfer from the social sciences, humanities and the arts into society.

Research results from these SSHA-disciplines have so far often been neglected in terms of research transfer, innovation and start-ups and are far too seldom applied. In order to systematically improve this, the Humanities Matter Lab® addresses the special requirements of the humanities and social sciences for transfer through our specific, individualized methods, measures and structures. These can be carried out, trained or set up at universities or non-university research institutions.

Now that we have secured the trademark rights for the Humanities Matter Lab® throughout Europe, we are successively expanding our HuMLab-range of services and are now increasingly using this innovative instrument. In doing so, we are applying methods by which knowledge from the humanities and social sciences helps companies, but also cities, municipalities, public administrations, etc., to solve current problems. The Humanities Matter Lab® becomes a think tank!

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If you need more facts or would like to know how we can support your individual needs, we look forward to hearing from you!

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