Our company


For us, expertise, empathy and reliability are the focus of consultancy work.

We consider ourselves to be a results-oriented support for strategic development and im-plementation. This means that we work as long-term partners on behalf of our clients to aid them in achieving their goals, the implementation of which we evaluate continuously and thereby optimise. Our clients have one thing in common: they face complex issues that must be dealt with on an individual basis.
Scientifically based analyses and the resultant strategic development form our core compe-tence. Through our many years of experience in the fields of Innovation and Real Estate Management, we have a built up a diverse, methodological and in-depth expertise.
Through this variety of national and international projects, we have – together with our partner companies – developed a broad network which we enjoy putting to use for our cli-ents’ benefit.

Cooperation with G&K can take different forms:

We support projects personally and directly, in every detail from A to Z. On the basis of detailed analyses, strategies are developed, coordinated and implemented. A structured project management system accompanies this undertaking in order to ensure target-oriented work.
From the development of a processable topic through the choice of methods to use, the design of the instruments through to preparation and documentation of the results, we offer you our know-how. We thereby establish sound foundations for the relevant decisions.
We design and moderate workshops on the topics of analysis, evaluation, strategy, imple-mentation, brainstorming, market definition, elaboration and the validation of market and business models. Our workshops help you to raise the level of your know-how and that of your employees and to prepare you all for the tasks ahead.
We have a broad wealth of knowledge and experience in theory and in practice, which can be used by managers and individuals within the company or in projects. We support these so that they can achieve the goals set.
Part-time management
Within the framework of defined processes, it can be useful to temporarily staff manage-ment roles with people with special expertise. In this way, it is possible to work efficiently in a results-oriented fashion. We offer our experience for selected tasks and topic areas.