Urban Development

stadt-gr Urban development projects are highly complex and involve the most varied of disciplines, from spatial and traffic planning through to sociology and the social sciences. The objective here is always to improve the living conditions of residents.

One of G&K’s areas of expertise is to accompany and support such urban development projects. Here the key challenge is to plan, implement and manage the process as a whole. Particularly at the start of a project, the various target groups are to be identified and incen-tives to cooperate derived. In this difficult phase it is important to reach out quickly to the drivers of a neighbourhood’s development project. These are the parties who will gain the most from the project and can, with a corresponding project design, establish themselves as “first movers” in the neighbourhood. As part of this, the networking of private and public stakeholders is of particular interest. Thus local authorities, who themselves have hardly any available resources to initiate or fully finance projects can find committed supporters.

In order to accomplish the individual project steps, a particular type of “urban development” project management is required. Utilising our efficient network, we build up structures, processes and instruments in each individual case in order to actively support local authorities in the course of urban development projects.