Real Estate Management

real-estate-gr Real estate is a key valuable and cost-relevant resource of every organisation and in some cases even their actual core business, such as in the case of housing associations. In the management of one’s own portfolio there are many points at which processes and struc-tures can be optimised. These can include, inter alia:

  • establishing a real estate strategy that is aligned to the corporate strategy;
  • implementing systems for continuous monitoring;
  • installing control instruments;
  • forming clusters to simplify structures;
  • identifying process procedures and adjusting the strategy;
  • centralising data for processing administrative processes;
  • identifying communications and administration interfaces;
  • networking individual organisation systems in order to establish an exchange of knowledge;
  • ensuring the transparency of the real estate portfolio;
  • creating an organisation which is aligned towards the real estate strategy;
  • realigning and optimising the facility management.

Detailed in-depth knowledge of the private, semi-public and also public sectors is required in order to analyse and structure complex real estate tasks. Likewise deploying the correct instruments and methods is of central importance. From the wealth of already completed consultancy projects, three topics are explicitly addressed and set out in detail below.